Web Analytics

We live in an analytics heavy world, and rightfully so. Analytics can tell us so much about what's going on with our applications. Who's engaging with us. How many people are dropping off. How many people are converting.

With a proper analytics strategy, we can use that to optimize your application and set you up for success.

Analytics that Matter

Analytics is heavily being used now. The question is, are most people using it correctly? It’s awesome to have numbers on things like engagement, impressions, link click etc. Your plan though can’t just be ‘Get those numbers up!’ We need to understand why you have the current numbers you do and how we can further improve that.

Custom Reports

Monthly, we’ll look at your analytics and give you a custom report of your monthly numbers. We’ll look at it and see what parts of your site are potentially underwhelming and what is doing great. We will offer you recommendations on what can be executed better or how things can further be improved for your website and if needed, we can implement those recommendations for you. 

Social Media Analytics

Besides your basic site analytics, we’ll also dive into your social media analytics. Social media plays a huge part of how you convert people to visit your site. With the proper access, we can give you monthly reports on your social media analytics as well and give you further recommendations on what can be improved and how you can improve those things as well.  

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