Website Branding

When you think of Facebook, what’s something that comes to mind? Probably it's a blue and white logo with the F in the middle. When you think of Twitter, you probably think of the blue icon and the bird. This is branding done right. Branding will make people remember who you are and what your company does. Just the sight of the color scheme can easily make someone remember your business. This is why branding is so important.

Be Unique In Your Field

It’s astonishing to see how many companies follow the same branding as others. It’s to a point that it feels like it just blends together and those companies just don’t stick out anymore. It can even be hard to remember the company’s name at that point. As a company, you want to be unique aesthetically. We can provide that for you. 

A Color Scheme that Carries Over

Color schemes are something very important for branding. If your company logo is blue, but all over your social media and website you post green, red and yellow colors, do you think people will remember exactly who you are? Probably not because of the lack of consistency. It’s a pretty blunt statement but it’s true. We will provide you a color scheme that can be used on social media and all over your website so you can properly stick out. 

Here is an example of our fitness branch, Blob Fitness’s Instagram page:

Immediately, what sticks out is the green and black colors all over the page. You can see the website follows the same font and color scheme as well:

This is very important and it keeps things consistent. People viewing either the instagram page or website will get the same experience and it resembles the brand and makes it more memorable. 

Typography, A Big Impact That’s Not Talked About

Font is just as important to us as colors. A unique, but easy reading font on a site can go a long way. We will apply specific typography to certain headings and other typography to normal paragraphs to make your content stick out. 

A Custom Logo Fitting Your Business

Logos are just as important as anything. A great logo will set you apart from the competition and can even make you seem more friendly than your competition. (If that’s what you’re going for) We will create a custom logo for you and apply the confirmed color scheme to it to create branding that is unique for your business. 

Contact Us

Branding is an extremely important part of a website. If you want to just do branding for your site, we can do that. Just contact us. However, we do also offer a package Development Service that includes Branding and Design with addition to creating and hosting your website.