Website Development

Websites are usually one of the first main portions companies need when starting their business.

A website can mean many things though. It can range from a simple splash page to something more advanced that requires algorithms and functions and even API integration.

No matter the range though, we got you covered.

A Modern Website

Plenty of companies start off with a generic website just to get them up and running and they’ll usually leave it at that. We live though in a world where everything revolves around the internet and website applications. If a person looks up your company, the first thing they’ll be doing is going to your website. Did you know a user can form an opinion on your site in 0.05 seconds? Yeah, that quick. If you have a website that isn’t set for today’s standards, you’re going to lose plenty of users and potential revenue.

We take design very seriously. We will deliver to you a responsive and modern website that will make you stand out but will also help keep users engaged. 

A Fast Website = Happy Users

How often do you go to a website and once it takes more than 3 seconds? Well, don’t worry. About 47% of people expect 2 seconds of loading time! We understand that a website’s speed is critical to making users happy, which is why we focus on it so much. 

When building your website, we go through various tests to make sure your website is loading at fast speeds and make sure your website is living up to the standard and loading at speeds lower than that 2 seconds. 

Mobile First

Most people who visit websites nowadays do it via their phone. Heck, most advertising is also done via Social Media and that’s mainly on your phone now too. We go with the idea of “Mobile First”. Meaning that we make sure mobile responsiveness is a top priority for us and it’s friendly to the user. Did you know, 85% of adults think a mobile site should be good or better than the desktop site?

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If you’re interested in having a website that will appeal to users, keep them engaged, and increase your likelihood of converting those people into sales, contact us.